|| Pearl Sapphire BLUE is my color ||
|| And some pink for the Dancing Queen ||
|| Proud resident of SM Town ||

By the way, the name is I Y A


Hyoyeon accidentally hit Eunhyuk with her arm

how to english by hyukjae

kimheenim: Really, why are we like this… (cr: NKsubs)


Donghae carrying Eunhyuk off stage 


Donghae carrying Eunhyuk off stage 


oh do i smell jealousy

cutest confused face ever (⊙_◎)

holy hell hyukjae’s armpit hair GUNS

cr: sohyun1104


At SS5 singapore, it seems like Hyukjae stayed for a bit after the concert ended to explain about the recent issue around the fandom.. :

"henmi are not official members of sj but they are joining as as sjm members and we are a family. He also said henmi are not guest members but official sjm members. Hyukjae said his heart hurts that the relationship between ELF is not good. Hyukjae said he wishes everyone not to misunderstand…henmi will not do official activities with sj. But he said he wishes us to accept henmi as a family and they will only official members of sjm."

translations are from teukables (x)